Beautiful software for the web

We develop user-friendly software for the web and are experts in software development using cutting-edge technologies like Ruby and Rails / Ember.js / Meteor and Phonegap. Having technical and design skills is one thing, but having the knowledge and expertise to see how we can really help you is another. Sometimes you don't need a Ferrari to go to the supermarket... We help you make responsible financial choices by sketching out all possibilities and doing part of the thinking for and with you.

Agile software development

Communication is key when developing software. To accomplish good communication, internally and between us, we use an agile process. This means we cut every project into slices, called sprints, each of which take 2 weeks. At the start of each sprint we sit together to discuss the project and create user stories. By doing so, you have the final call on which features will be developed during this sprint. We use tools like pivotal tracker and of course Skype to communicate.

How can we help you?

You are probably looking for a company that can help translate your ideas into real software. Send us an e-mail with your idea or problem, so we can find out how we can help you.

Our work

Lean Scientist made with Meteor.js

The Lean Scientist

For The Lean Scientist, we developed the new website as well as an online learning platform that teaches scientists how to be more lean. The responsive platform consists of a series of steps and assignments the scientists need to take. Scientists can also review themselves and receive feedback from their fellow PhDs. The project was built with meteor.js.

Eduapp made with Ruby on Rails


Eduapp is a website that connects apps and education. It makes it easy and fun to discover apps and creative ideas for educational use. We did the technical realization using Ruby on Rails.

Rompslomp made with Ruby on Rails


Rompslomp is a simple accounting system with a clear graphical overview for starters. We developed it in Ruby on Rails.

Real-time planboard made with Ember.js


For a fast-growing company that's utilizing short term train transports, we developed a real-time planboard. This planboard keeps track of all the transportations. The techniques used were: Ruby on Rails, Ember.js and Coffeescript.

Intelleqtive made with Ruby on Rails


Together with the Club van Delft we developed Intelleqtive. Intelleqtive stimulates innovation by providing a channel for micro-knowledge transactions between businesses and the academic world.